106 hectares of forest land was made free from encroachers. Nagpur News – Times of India

Nagpur: At a time when encroachment continues Forest land This is one of the biggest problems the officials are grappling with, butibori range forest staff freed 106.49 hectares of land of the occupiers,
The cost of the said parcel of land in Butibori East and Sonegaon Beat is in crores of rupees considering its proximity to the Butibori industrial estate. The encroachers were doing farming on the said land.
Ashta was spread over 106.49 hectares (10.10 ha) of land. Tamaswadi (5 ha), Chichkota (9.16 ha), Chimnazari (24.65 ha), Chicholi (12.23 ha), and Mohgaon (44.58 ha). These encroachments have been removed in the last two months.
In the last two years, forest teams have removed encroachment on 200 hectares of forest land in South Umred, North Umred and Butibori. news network