15-foot-long Crocodile Rescued | Vadodara News – Times of India

Vadodara: Crocodiles strolling in residential societies and roads of Vadodara are a common sight. But what the residents of the Vadsar area saw on Wednesday night sent a shiver up their spine.
A 15-foot-long reptile, flashing its deadly jaws, was crawling barely a few feet away from their homes on Vadsar-Koteshwar road. Vadsar is a newly developing area of expanding Vadodara city.
Reptile rescuers said this is probably the largest crocodile seen in the urban sprawls of the city in recent history. The crocodile strutted on the road for about 30 minutes before the forest department staff and volunteers of a wildlife organization reached there and launched an operation to capture the mammoth reptile. It’s believed that the crocodile walked about a kilometre from the Vishwamitri River to reach this road and was trying to cross it.
“It was an extremely difficult task to handle such a huge crocodile that weighs nearly 400 kg. We had to first get close to it safely in the dark of the night. Such big reptiles can easily injure anyone fatally,” said forest officials. Also, as the word spread around, hundreds gathered to catch a glimpse of the reptile.
The forest officials had to call the police to control the mob that was hindering the rescue operation. “After a three-hour-long operation, we rescued the crocodile safely,” the officials added.