2 women claim they were “forced” to publicly change to board an American Airlines flight

Many Internet users were outraged upon reading of their account with American Airlines.

Two women claim they were “forced” to change their clothes in public “without a cover-up” to board an American Airlines plane. Independent,

One of the passengers, Chrissy Mayer, posted a tweet explaining that the incident happened at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

He said in his post, “An American Air employee forced me and @keanuCthompson to change our pants before takeoff, which actually turned out to be more revealing. That’s no way to treat an awards member.” Is.” The passenger also posted a photo of himself wearing his arrival clothes at the airport as well as a photo allegedly requesting them to change before boarding the flight. Both women appear to have been wearing maxi skirts and trousers, but eventually had to change to shorts.

In another tweet, she said, “Literally had to change at the gate without cover.”

Responding to the thread on social media, American Airlines requested that more information be sent to them regarding the incident. “Your comments concern us. Please join us in DM, we are here and ready to listen,” the airline wrote.

Ms. Mayer replied, “It was really disrespectful and I’m very loyal to you guys, I have credit cards and everything.”

Co-passenger Keanu Thompson said in a tweet, “She had Chrissy wearing underwear and my butt was f****** naked from my waist down at the gate… how is that okay?”

Many Internet users were outraged upon reading of their account with American Airlines.

“I didn’t get it… It was a full length skirt! You looked beautiful, but I didn’t know it was a crime to be beautiful.. I think you’re 300 pounds with blue hair in those clothes.” He would not have said anything,” said a user.

“Oh my god! This is horrible and despicable!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry that happened to both of you, Chrissy and Keanu!!!!!!!” said one person.

A third person said, “That’s not okay, @americanair. No one should be forced to fly intercontinental barefoot, especially when they were already dressed appropriately… and to change them.” Forcing – in public view – at the gate is completely unacceptable.”