5 Text-to-Speech Chrome Extensions You Should Try Now – Check Out

Work-life just got more comfortable thanks to Chrome extensions. These browser add-ons are designed to improve your workflow and increase productivity. There are many chrome extensions available on the internet today, which can be customized according to the user’s wishes. One such addition to the list is the text-to-speech Chrome extension. This add-on allows the user to listen to lessons while performing other activities. This is beneficial for people who face visual difficulties while reading content and who want to reduce their screen time.

Text-to-Speech is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that enables the user to listen to articles, modules, emails, web pages and other text formats. You can also add in different applications like Google Docs, PowerPoint presentations, TXT files and more. There are many TTS chrome extensions that are available on the internet.

Here are 5 text-to-speech Chrome extensions available on the internet:

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1) Natural Reader: This text-to-speech extension helps people with visual impairments or dyslexia who are unable to read without assistance. It converts any type of text files like PDF, eBook, email and others to speech. It also includes an immersive reader mode that helps the user listen to the content of the document without any distractions. It supports voice over 16 languages. You can buy the premium version of this extension to enjoy other features of this add-on which include changing the reading speed and voice.

2) Giving Speeches: It is a fully customizable text-to-speech extension for the users. You can adjust the pitch, volume and tone of the speaker as per your wish. It can also convert any type of text file to speech. It also has an OCR functionality that allows users to extract captions from images in the form of speech. You can also save files and upload PDFs through this extension. It supports more than 50 languages.

3) Intelligent speaker: This extension supports more than 20 languages ​​and helps in converting text files like Google Docs, PDF, eBooks and other uploaded files to speech. It also lets you sync your files to the Podcasts app so you can listen to your articles while you work. It also has a breathing feature that makes the voice sound more natural.

4) Read Aloud: This extension has access to over 40 languages ​​and can convert any format of text files into high-quality speech. You can also read Amazon Kindle, eBooks and Google Play Books through this extension. It also provides text-highlighting features. You can also buy the premium version for better voice quality.

5) Snap and Read: It is present in the form of a floating toolbar on a laptop or desktop. Any user selected text from Google Docs, PDF, eBook and other formats can be converted to speech with the help of this extension. It supports different languages ​​and adjusts the readability of the text in real time. It also supports OCR screenshot reading.