5G to drive India’s economic growth along with improving urban to rural connectivity: Deloitte & CIII report – Times of India

Deloitte India and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) estimates that the Indian telecom industry will grow by $12.5 billion every three years, thanks to 5G adoption technology, Organizations said this in a report released today 5G India has the potential to accelerate economic growth, create job opportunities and connect urban and rural populations.
The technology’s ultra-low latency and high data rates are expected to drive innovation and efficiency in sectors such as energy, health care and agriculture. The report also highlights the potential for collaborations and alliances as a result of 5G adoption in India.
With the advent of 5G technology, smartphones are expected to get bigger and thinner, potentially more foldable or expandable. The embedded 5G hardware will enable seamless blending of reality and virtual reality on the smartphone, thereby providing users with an immersive and versatile experience. New trends and innovations are expected to emerge as a result of these advances.
As telecom companies work to improve their 5G capabilities and infrastructure, various state governments are preparing to adopt 5G connectivity to support good governance. This includes planning and taking steps to ensure that technology is implemented and used effectively.
The adoption of 5G technology is expected to bring multiple benefits to the Indian economy. The high-speed network will enable the growth of various industries that depend on seamless connectivity such as healthcare, education and retail. The growing demand for smartphones, the need for fintech, e-health and e-learning are expected to drive growth in the telecom sector.
5G adoption is also expected to bring efficiency gains and cost reductions, which will benefit the overall economy. The government’s Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes are aimed at improving investor sentiment, attracting more investments and encouraging innovation and research and development in the telecom sector.