75 Photographers Walk Heritage Route | Rajkot News – Times of India

Rajkot: Seventy-five photographers including a few amateurs are participating in a heritage photo walk session held in defined areas of the old city aimed at uncovering the glorious heritage of Rajkot and bringing it to the common people.
The special photo programme that started from August 21 under the aegis of the Indian National Trust of Art and Cultural Heritage’s (INTACH) Rajkot chapter is being organized from Jubilee garden to Bedi Naka area.
The photographers have to submit their pictures by the end of this month after which a public exhibition will be organized of the selected pictures.
Riddhi Shah, who heads INTACH’s Rajkot chapter said, “We have asked the photographers to take pictures of old buildings, hidden alleys, unique elements of old streets and stunning public art to encapsulate Rajkot’s glorious past.”
The professional photographers will also guide the amateur photograhers on how to shoot heritage buildings and freeze such ancient glory for posterity.
Heritage places like Watson Museum, Connaught Hall, Lang Library, Navagraha Temple, Bandstand, Dharmendrasinhji Cloth Market, Lakhajiraj Vegetable Market, Danapith and its bird feeder, Junagadh no Utaro, Mochi Bazar, Raiya Naka Tower, Old Hunnar School, Soni Bazar, Durbargarh’s Haveli and Bedi Naka Tower were included in the walk.
Houses as old as 200 years were identified for photography in the event that was planned in collaboration with Kala collective group.