A group show of 17 artists in Visakhapatnam expresses the love for life and nature

People going around the group of show titled Artists Reunited at Dys Art Gallery in Visakhapatnam.
| Photo Credit: KR Deepak

Photo-realistic drawings, a slice of heritage in watercolour on paper, shades of Nature, unleashing creativity through printmaking techniques and a range of emotions dominate the group show of artists called Artists Reunited at Dys Art Gallery in Visakhapatnam.

Seventeen artists have displayed 40 art works at the exhibition here. Among them are South American artist Alejandra Hansen’s graphite on paper works, Visakhapatnam artist

Srinivasa Rao Kanumuri’s works on mixed media on ivory sheet, Pune artist Swati Vaidya, Jyotsna Mandapaka’s printing-making works, Delhi artist Neha Singh’s watercolor on paper, Tanya Narayan’s works, art works of PV Hanumanthu- Visakhapatnam, Srikanthi Peketi, Jagruthi Hyma Lakkimsetty, Heena Fernandez, Gulzar Hussain, Neha Giduturi, Rohitha Yelleti, Alekhya Yeddu, Tanishq Pratap Singh, KV Madhuri and Gladdys AR.

Alejandran specialises on portraits and works from photographic reference. The technique she uses is graphite and charcoal on paper, embracing the technical qualities of realism and traditional portraiture. For her, drawing is a journey, where she “channels emotions, thoughts, and perspectives”.

Tanya Narayan has showcased her works depicting life in mountains and heritage. “I enjoy pencil sketching and watercolour. Most of my works are a reflection of the beauty of life and landscapes. I also love experimenting with a strong interplay of lights and shadows,” says Tanya.

Srikanthi Peketi has experimented with pencils, charcoal, soft pastels, acrylics, pigments and silk stains. “But watercolors and oils are my favorites. I’m most fascinated by people and the play of light. I believe that beauty and inspiration are everywhere around us; we just need to take the time to notice them,” says the artist.

The exhibition can be viewed at Dys Art Gallery in Siripuram, from 4 pm to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday.