Abhayam: Woman called 181 as daughter-in-law found her face ‘disgusting’. Vadodara News – Times of India

Vadodara: When 181 Abhayam On receiving a call from a married woman who had been thrown out of the house by her husband, they speculated that there was a serious quarrel between the couple. But the counselors were in for a surprise when they learned that the woman had been asked to leave the house because her daughter-in-law didn’t like that she had closed the window of their house!
The woman, a resident of Bhayli area, told 181 officials that she used to close the window while washing her clothes to avoid head injuries. But her daughter-in-law felt that she closed the window again and again because she did not like to see his face. The daughter-in-law threatened them to leave the house following which the woman’s husband thrashed her and asked her to leave the house. After this the woman called 181 and asked for help. The counselors met the woman’s daughter-in-law and explained to her the reason behind frequently closing the window.

The 181 officers also warned the woman’s husband not to beat her and take law into his own hands. The husband accepted his mistake after which the woman returned to her house.