Actor Nilesh Sable’s Journey Proves There Is No Substitute For Perseverance And Hard Work – News18

He started his career with the Superstar of Maharashtra program.

His journey from a doctor to actor, writer and host has been amazing.

Nilesh Sable, best known for his role in the popular show Chala Hawa Yehu Dya, recently interacted with the audience and spread joy and laughter. Despite the immense love that his show has received, Nilesh’s road to success was not an easy one.

The mention of Chala Hawa Yeu Dya immediately brings to mind the charismatic Dr. Nilesh Sable. From a doctor-turned-actor, his challenging journey serves as an inspiration to many. What sets him apart is his unwavering passion to make the audience laugh.

Chala Hawa Yehu Dya not only enthralled the general public but also attracted several celebrities to its episodes. Along with a talented cast including Kushal Badrike, Bhau Kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure and Shreya Bugde, Nilesh Sable has consistently enthralled the audience through his remarkable performances.

From a young age, Nilesh aspired to become an actor, but his parents had placed a condition on him. He put a condition that he can fulfill his dream only if he is successful in the field. During his school years, Nilesh actively participated in various competitions. Although he earned a medical degree and worked at the MGM New Bombay Hospital in Vashi for six months, his passion for acting remained unwavering.

His inclination towards acting could not be suppressed and his parents warned him to return to the medical field if his acting career did not take off. Nilesh not only excelled as an actor but also gained immense popularity and proved his mettle as a comedian, writer and host. He made sure that his presence brought laughter and joy to the audience.

Nilesh started his career with the show Superstar of Maharashtra and acted in the Marathi film Navra Majha Bhavra. He reached the pinnacle of success with Chala Hawa Yeu Dya, becoming a beloved comedian, writer and host. His fame extended beyond the Marathi industry and he was loved and admired in the Hindi film industry as well.

Today, on his birthday, we extend warm wishes to Nilesh Sable, celebrating his journey filled with laughter, inspiration and remarkable achievements.