Advertisement for access to stairs, lifts, escalators at Coimbatore Junction

Advertisement boards on the pillars of a corridor inside the Coimbatore Railway Junction on Thursday. , Photo Credit: M. Periyasamy

From pillars and arches to information display boards, Coimbatore Railway Junction has provided space for private advertisers at several points. It also introduced branding on the engines and coaches of trains on 3 September and plans to award contracts to private businesses to advertise on its lifts, escalators, footsteps and corridors.

According to information available with the Salem division of the railways, the Coimbatore Junction earned a revenue of Rs 12.65 crore through 12 contracts for advertisement in 2021-2022 and till the end of November in the current financial year. This included Rs 5.15 crore in advertisements on mail and express trains, Rs 1.73 crore through advertisements inside trains, Rs 75 lakh through advertisements on arches and Rs 4.88 crore in ‘out of home’ (out of home) premises of the station.

The total revenue made by the station in the year ending March 31, 2022 was ₹ 28 crore. This year, between April and November, the station registered a growth of 58.3% and touched ₹48 crore.

Out of this, the fare collected from passengers in 2021-2022 was Rs 16 crore and in this financial year it has increased to Rs 36 crore. “This is because in the last financial year, there were COVID-19-induced restrictions and almost all services were halted,” said a Salem division official.