AIADMK urges government to reconsider decision on CBSE syllabus

AIADMK Puducherry Chief Minister N. Rangasamy to reconsider the decision to introduce CBSE syllabus in government schools.

In a memorandum sent on Wednesday, party secretary A Anbalagan said the CBSE syllabus should not be introduced in a hurry. The Union Territory should not become a laboratory for the Central Government to test its policies.

The government had decided to introduce curriculum for all classes except classes X and XII in about 127 schools from this academic year. A few years ago the curriculum was introduced up to class V. He said that the government should have extended the syllabus up to class VI in this academic year.

The government should set up an expert committee to study the implications and suggest measures before introducing the curriculum for all classes. He said government schools did not have adequate infrastructure or trained manpower to handle CBSE textbooks.

Mr. Anbalagan urged the Chief Minister to oppose efforts to make Tamil an optional subject during the introduction of the CBSE syllabus. He said Tamil should be made compulsory even as the syllabus is being made a part of the school education system from this year.