Akshay Kumar Did Not Charge Even a Rupee For OMG 2, Producer Makes BIG Revelation – News18

Last Updated: August 17, 2023, 20:23 IST

Akshay Kumar recently starred in OMG 2.

OMG 2 is the sequel to Akshay Kumar’s 2012 film, Oh My God. The actor plays the role a messenger of Lord Shiva in the movie.

Akshay Kumar is currently basking in the success of his recently released film OMG 2. Even five days after its release, the film is going strong at the box office. The film saw a massive spike in its collection on Independence Day and collected Rs 17.10 crore across the country. With this, OMG 2 has now crossed Rs 70 crore mark at the box office. As the film inches closer to making the Rs 100 crore mark, several reports claimed that the film has been made on a budget of Rs 150 crore.

Now, producer Ajith Andhare has cleared the air and stated that the film’s budget has been grossly exaggerated. Ajith Andhare, COO of Viacom 18 also revealed too Pinkvilla that Akshay Kumar did the film for free. “The reports of the budget of OMG2 are grossly exaggerated. On the contrary, Akshay didn’t charge a rupee in fee and in fact, walked alongside us in both the financial & creative risk involved in such a courageous film.”

The producer added, “We share a long history & understanding with him as a Studio since OMG1, Special 26, and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, and I have been totally in lockstep with him in taking up scripts that are unconventional but stand for something larger & meaningful. Without him this risk was impossible to take, he was fully invested both creatively & financially.”

Speaking of the film’s budget, a source close to Pinkvilla shared that the film had a budget of less than 50 crores. “OMG 2 has been shot in a controlled environment, much like most of the social dramedies made in the Hindi Film Industry. The cost of production is a little under Rs 50 crore. For those unaware, even OMG (2012) was made on a controlled cost of Rs 25 crore only.”

OMG 2 is the sequel to Akshay Kumar’s 2012 film, Oh My God. The actor plays the role a messenger of Lord Shiva in the movie. The film was put on hold by the Censor Board and about 27 changes were directed to the filmmakers. After making the changes, OMG 2 was given an ‘Adults Only (A)’ certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). OMG 2 also stars Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam in key roles.

Playing the messenger of Lord Shiva in OMG 2, Akshay Kumar makes appearances throughout the film to help Pankaj Tripathi, who is battling a court case based on sex education.

News18 Showsha’s review of OMG 2 reads: “The strongest superpower the film has its script. Director Amit Rai doesn’t try to add unnecessary elements to pack in the punch. The horse blinders are set to focus on sex education and that’s everything the film does. Amit also tackles the subject with sensitivity, making it a powerful and thought-provoking film. The second half is bound to feel preachy because the objective of the film is to urge people that it’s okay to talk about sex but it needs to be handled with care.”