Amritpal’s wife was stopped from going to UK for the third time since April. Chandigarh News – Times of India

Amritsar: Kirandeep KaurJailed ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief’s wife Amrit Pal Singh was denied permission to leave the country on Wednesday – for the third time since April 20, when he first tried to leave the UK. Authorities stopped him from taking off from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.
Kirandeep, a British national who married Amritpal at a gurdwara in Jallupur Kheda village in Punjab’s Amritsar district on February 10, says she can stay in India only for 180 consecutive days. Indian visa rules state that the maximum stay in India by a foreigner is limited to 180 days in a calendar year.
when contacted, Kirandeep He said that his 180-day stay in India would be completed on July 20 and he would have to leave the country by that date as per Indian visa rules.
Kirandeep said that she had booked her ticket exactly a month ago after confirming with the police officials that all was clear, but was asked to wait till July 18. “Unfortunately, today, I was stopped again,” she said.
After not being allowed to leave the country, Kirandeep is now planning to apply for an extension of her visa on Thursday, but she fears it will not be approved and she could be deported to the UK, making her return difficult.
Kirandeep was first stopped from leaving the country at Sri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport in Amritsar on 20 April, just three days before her husband was arrested on 23 April. Then, on 14 July and now on Wednesday, he was barred from leaving the IGIA. On all three occasions, she was scheduled to travel to her home country of the UK.
Sources said Kirandeep was stopped as there were reports that Khalistani elements were planning a function in the UK in honor of self-styled Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) chief Avtar Singh Khanda, who died on June 15 at a Birmingham hospital. happened. He was believed to be very close to Amritpal, who is lodged in Assam’s Dibrugarh jail along with his aides under the National Security Act (NSA).
Sources said that the intelligence agencies felt that Kirandeep could give an inflammatory speech in Britain.
BJP leader supported Kirandeep
Supporting Kirandeep Kaur, Sikh BJP leader and advisor to the National Commission for Minorities, Sarchand Khayla said that preventing her from traveling to England to be with her family is a violation of her dignity and human rights. Khayla said that it is a matter of concern that the Punjab government has issued an alleged lookout notice against a person without any specific case.