Aneri Vajani on Dealing with Body Shaming “If You Can’t Get Grapes, Eat Grapes”

Last Update: 14 July 2022, 23:05 IST

Aneri Vajani reveals about being body shamed

Aneri Vajani opens up about how she’s skinny-shamed but oblivious as she speaks to her work and doesn’t her weight hinder her acting career

In a recent interview, Aneri Vajani opened up about the negative comments she made because of her weight and how she has been constantly body shamed. He further said that he is unaffected by these comments. Aneri Vajani is currently 12. are part ofth Khatron Ke Khiladi, the version of the adventure-ridden reality show hosted by Rohit Shetty.

In an interview with ET Times she says, “Jacking someone for eating too much is as bad as telling a skinny person that he doesn’t eat or ‘hey brother, kuch kha le’. Time and again Aneri has been body shamed online and she admits that she is unaffected by such trolls and simply replies, “Angoor nahi milete toh angoor khaate.” She adds, “Being lean and being unfit are two different things. I am skinny but I am not unfit”

Aneri emphasized on how he has always let his work speak for himself and not his physique. She talked about how casting directors or producers cast her because of her raw and relatable girl-next-door vibe. “For me because of my body type, I don’t look like a model. I give off a very girl-next-door, raw vibe. When people look at me they get that vibe out of me and they brag about me.” I love that aspect. The rawness that is about me, I want it to be with me forever,” she said.

She thanks her genes which helps her to maintain her body, she can easily gain weight and lose weight which is essential for an actor. So, her thinness never caused any problem on the acting front, she was always able to gain or lose weight when asked. “There are a lot of people who think a lot before eating. I don’t need to think that I can eat anything, I am blessed by God. I just enjoy life,” she concluded.

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