Angry Nitish in the House – Bihar Chief Minister’s anger over the deaths due to spurious liquor has become fresh

Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar lost his temper on Wednesday when Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLAs tried to corner his government inside the Bihar Assembly over the Chhapra poisoning deaths.

,What happened to you? Tum log bhi sath thhe. Ab tum log bhi sharabi ho gaye. Nahi bardast karnge. Bahar nikalo inko (What happened? You guys were also [when anti-liquor laws were enforced in 2016], You all have become drunkards. I will not tolerate it. Throw them out),” Nitish shouted at the BJP MLAs gathered inside the well of the House.

Leader of Opposition Vijay Kumar Sinha demanded an apology from Nitish for using objectionable language inside the House. When the CM refused to relent, the BJP boycotted the proceedings and later staged a protest outside the assembly against the police “nexus” and bootlegging.

Incidentally, Sinha himself had to face the wrath of the chief minister in March.interferingWith the investigation into the Lakhisarai case, in which two persons were sent to jail for flouting Covid protocols.

The CM had accused Sinha, the then Speaker of the Bihar Legislative Assembly, of “violating the Constitution”. Nitish’s Janata Dal (United) and the BJP were then sharing power in the state.

In the present case, the JD(U) chief’s outburst sent shockwaves even to members of his ally Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). “It was an unfortunate incident. It is the role of the opposition to raise public concerns,” RJD MLA Sudhakar Singh told ThePrint.

Opposition MLA Arun Kumar was less lenient in his observation. The BJP MLA told ThePrint, “The language used by CM Nitish Kumar is a result of his frustration about losing the election battle and playing second fiddle to Tejashwi Yadav.”

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resentment is not new

This is not the first time that Nitish has lost his temper while dealing with his rivals inside and outside the assembly.

On November 27, 2020, the Chief Minister of Bihar came under fire after the then Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav attacked him for the second consecutive day in the Assembly.

,Yeh khali jhooth bolta hai (He only lies),” Nitish shouted in the assembly. “I keep listening because he (Tejashwi) is a friend’s son who is like a brother to me. I do not say anything. Who made his father the leader of the Legislature Party? Who made him the deputy CM?”

In March, Nitish attacked RJD MLC Sunil Singh, president of a cooperative, when he opposed the government’s response to procurement of food grains from farmers. “I know about you and your deeds. I will expose it,” said the CM.

Later, RJD MLA Mukesh Roshan entered the assembly with a stethoscope in hand, saying he wanted to examine the CM as he was “concerned about” hisblood pressure,

Nitish stopped his speech while campaigning for Chandrika Rai at a rally two years ago The middle path When he heard the slogans of ‘.Lalu Zindabad, ,How are you, how are you, how are you (What are you saying, what are you saying, what are you saying)” Nitish roared.

The spate of flare-ups in recent years is a departure from Nitish’s image – a politician who stuck to civilized language and, more importantly, never lost his temper in public. In 2006, the then Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee Nitish was described as a role model for the legislators on how to conduct themselves inside the House.

“But that was 2005 when Nitish was a senior ally in the NDA. He even joined hands with BJP in 2010 despite BJP having 115 MLAs against 91. The insecurity started in 2015 when the JD(U) won just 71 seats and the RJD emerged as the senior partner (in the grand alliance) with 80 MLAs. In 2020, his party finished third with just 43 MLAs, while the BJP got 75. Even today, his party has 45 MLAs against the RJD’s 79,” former Bihar deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi told ThePrint.

Nitish’s close friend Sushil Modi once remarked that this is very difficult To read the mind of the CM.

He said, ‘Nitish ji is no longer the person who was in 2005. He sees his end drawing near. I am not surprised that he declared Tejashwi Yadav as his successor. During the last one year, he has lost his temper in public several times. This had not happened before.

(Edited by Tony Rae)

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