Aniket Badame on his short film Dum Biryani: “This film is the need of the hour for the society” | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Aniket Badam talk about your short film Dum Biryani which addresses terrorism and children as its main cast. He stresses on the reasons behind making the film and his plans to take the film forward.
Tell me about your short film? power Biryani.
Dum Biryani is a film made for a purpose.. As a first time director I wanted to make a film that doesn’t have any age bar.. A film that will be relevant to every age and more Importantly relevant and will be the need of an hour for the society.
What was the reason behind why you chose a film based on terrorism and tiffin bomb?
Terrorism is the biggest enemy of not only takes lives but also breaks our unity as a nation. Tiffin is the metaphor of suspense inside the film..while people are expecting that we have given them a clear twist inside it.
Dum Biryani is too heavy for a short film…
Short film is the emerging space where every filmmaker can showcase their talent and I personally wanted to showcase my story telling skills.. So as a producer of the film it helped the director in me and the director in me could do justice to the writer. Me.
Why did you want to tell the story using children as a medium?
Children are an integral part of the film. Since children represent our hope for the future. As a child we used to take pledge every day of our school life and the very first line said “India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters”. We need to believe and apply what we have been taught in our years of learning.. Also we do not support any act of terrorism or anyone involved in it. What is wrong is wrong but there is no religion of mistake. We wanted to share a truth and there was no other medium than children to represent that truth.
Shooting with kids is tough and there are some rules that need to be followed…
Yes, shooting with kids is tough, that too with around 50 kids at a time. But kids of this generation know that they don’t shy away from facing the camera at all.. But getting them to adjust was the biggest task.. We took care of our kids on set.. We had special live counter food on set. The whole school serves as a base camp so that when there is no shooting, our kids can safely play around. As a Green Sea Entertainment producer we made every effort to provide best services to our cast and crew including good quality food, good base camp and even vanity bus to prepare them.
you come from Sachin Kundalkar School Of cinema What have you learned from them and how are you different from them Steven Spielberg connection?
After starting my journey in the production department of the Hollywood movie “The Hundred Foot Journey” produced by Steven Spielberg, Juliet Blake and Oprah Winfrey..I learned the importance of a good environment on set for the cast and crew, learned how to tell your story how to have strong faith in and help from there Sachin Kundalkar , I learned the art of framing from him. Every creative person has his own merits so there is no comparison or difference between two persons in terms of creativity but yes my style of story telling is entertaining or you can say art film making is commercial sector film making.. no one mind who believes in art but ultimately you need commerce for sustainability.
What are the plans to take Dum Biryani forward?
As media preview happened.. now we are looking forward to launch it on some ott platforms as i am new in this business it is taking time to connect with right people but yes definitely will try or get it on ott and send it as well. It has been selected in some prestigious film festivals including National and Filmfare Short Category.