Anil Kapoor opens up about his journey; From spot boy to casting director to actor

Jugjug Jio actor, Anil Kapoor recently opened up about his debut in the film industry. He recounted his journey to become an actor, how he started out as a spot boy, later went on to become a casting director before becoming an actor. In a recent interview it was revealed that he had to start working from an early age as his father was ill.

Anil described his ‘weird job’ before establishing himself as a star, but he loved them all. In his early days, some of his responsibilities included waking up the actors and giving them breakfast. Anil recalled his journey from spot boy to lead actor.

They told Bollywood Bubble, “We got to know that he (father) has a heart problem. Heart disease was a big deal in those days. It was a turning point, I said I had to start working now and let my dad calm down. I was quite young- 17-18 years old.” When asked about his odd jobs, Anil said, “I wouldn’t call them odd jobs because I loved doing them, like waking up actors, picking them up, making them airborne. Picking up from the base, dropping them off at the place, taking care of them. To them, they get the perfect breakfast and then the tea is broken. That’s why I did all these weird things.”

Anil Kapoor also stated that he was later upgraded to buy hardware for the shoot, after which he became the casting director, his most notable gig as a casting director being “Hum Paanch”. He later went to acting school and ventured into the world of acting with Telugu and Kannada films.

Actors’ most recent project Jugjug Jio starring Varun Dhawan, Neetu Kapoor and Kiara Advani has been critically acclaimed and has garnered increasing numbers at the box office.

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