Apple GPT: Apple is making AI chatbot like ChatGPT: Report

San Francisco: Apple has reportedly entered the Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) race internally referred to as ‘Apple GPT’ to compete with OpenAI, Microsoft, Google and Meta.

The iPhone maker has created its own AI framework, codenamed “Ajax,” for building large language models, reports Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Ajax reportedly runs on Google Cloud and was built with Google JAX, the search giant’s machine learning framework.

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Apple is leveraging Ajax to build a larger language model and serve as a foundation for internal ChatGPT-style tools.

The company did not immediately comment on the report.

According to the report, Apple employees are using chatbots to help with product prototyping. It is similar to Bard, ChatGPT and Bing AI.

Apple recently doubled hiring for Generative AI talent. The company is looking for engineers with a “strong understanding of large language models and generative AI”.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that the company would use AI “intentionally”.

The news comes as META also joins the AI ​​race with Microsoft launching the release of Llama 2, an open-source large language model.

Llama 2 is available through various providers and is free for commercial use and research.

“We are opening up access to Llama 2 with the support of a broad group of companies and people from the tech, education and policy sectors who also believe in an open innovation approach to today’s AI technologies,” Meta said.

Recent breakthroughs in AI, and especially generative AI, have captured the public’s imagination and demonstrated what those developing these technologies have long known – they have the potential to help people do incredible things, create a new era of economic and social opportunity, and give individuals, creators and businesses new ways to express themselves and connect with people, according to Meta.