Apple’s Foldable MacBook Likely To Be Unveiled In 2025

Last Update: July 11, 2023, 3:11 PM IST

Cupertino, California, United States

The foldable MacBook could be a gamechanger

The company is now focusing on ultra-premium devices that will help consumers afford higher priced items and better technology.

The foldable smartphone market has flourished with many brands, but the foldable laptop segment is yet to take off, with Asus being the only option. Apple could change that dynamic with its own MacBook foldable model, which is reportedly expected to launch by 2026.

Apple could be working with Samsung or LG for a foldable screen, making this an interesting development for the industry over the next few years. Foldables are likely to be Apple’s next big frontier in technology, and the foldable MacBook could usher in an era with the product being unveiled in 2025, while the product will officially launch in 2026, similar to the Apple Vision Pro launch timeline.

Samsung is likely to benefit the most from Apple’s product timelines, and the South Korean brand is betting billions on a dedicated unit to manufacture foldable OLED panels, which could eventually make it into its own products.

After all, the company already has foldable screens for phones, and a move to laptops would be an obvious evolutionary step. Coming back to the foldable Mac, Apple is expected to charge a surprising price for the product, something we saw earlier this year with the Apple Vision Pro headset.

In addition to Macs, we could also see the first OLED iPad Pro range in the next 12 months, and eventually an OLED MacBook Pro for consumers over the next few years, before the foldable technology picks up speed for the company.

The only foldable laptop available in the market comes from Asus, and with the ZenBook Fold 17 costing over Rs 3 lakh so far, the technology is likely to become more affordable in the next few years, given Apple’s macOS folds There is more room to showcase the version and make it a benchmark for the industry to follow.