Artificial Intelligence System in Haryana: CCTV cameras will be able to recognize the faces of criminals and terrorists, the bell will ring immediately in the control room

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Home Minister Anil Vij is spearheading the project under the leadership of IG Sibash Kabiraj of Ambala Range.

In Haryana, a system equipped with modern technology is being made to completely crack down on criminals, which is going to start from Ambala. Ambala’s security will now be installed on the lines of Smart City with Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled and CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition application, which will issue alerts as soon as the faces of suspected criminals and terrorists match with the sketch and photo. The cameras will work on optical fiber cable and its live transmission will be under CCTV control.

Will be installed at 143 locations
Home Minister Anil Vij said that for the security of Ambala Cantonment, 485 CCTV cameras will be installed at 143 locations, which will be equipped with HD (high definition) night vision. Home Minister Anil Vij discussed this project with IG Sibash Kabiraj of Ambala Range and SP Jashnadeep Singh Randhawa of Ambala at his residence today. After which directions were given to start this work soon. Home Minister Anil Vij said that with the installation of CCTV cameras, the sensitive Ambala cantonment will get security from every area.

Home Minister Anil Vij discussing with police officers regarding CCTV cameras.

Control room will be in Cantt police station
Police officers told Home Minister Anil Vij during the discussion that the control room of CCTV cameras installed at various locations would be in Ambala Cantonment Police Station. Here the entire activities can be monitored through cameras. There will also be a recording arrangement and the backup of the recording will be stored in the hard drive.

Traffic lights will be connected to cameras
The traffic lights installed by the Municipal Council on Jagadhri Road in Ambala Cantonment will also be connected with CCTV cameras. Its direct advantage will be that CCTV cameras with sensors will automatically detect traffic when it is less or more and set the traffic light timer. With the installation of CCTV cameras at the traffic lights, a close watch can be kept on the drivers who disobey the rules.

Overspeed vehicles will be monitored

CCTV cameras will also keep an eye on overspeed drivers and on the lines of Chandigarh, cameras will detect overspeed vehicles. If the vehicle is overspeed, the challan will also reach home directly at the registered address. The project will reduce the speed of overspeeding vehicles and improve safety on the roads in the cantonment.

The place marked with a red dot where modern CCTV cameras will be installed.

The place marked with a red dot where modern CCTV cameras will be installed.

How many CCTV cameras will be installed

Home Minister Anil Vij said that 485 CCTV cameras will be installed at 143 locations in Ambala Cantonment. In these, 265 CCTV cameras will be installed at 67 locations in Ambala Cantt police station area, 83 CCTV cameras at 34 locations in Padav police station area and 137 CCTV cameras at 42 locations in Maheshnagar police station area.

hence the need
Ambala Cantonment is a major stronghold of the Army and Airforce. It has important military installations while Airforce has a stronghold of fighter jets. Apart from this, a large network of railways is in Ambala Cantonment. Apart from this, Ambala’s borders touch many states in terms of road connectivity. On the other hand, Ambala Cantonment is like a main terminal for commuting here. This is the reason why with the efforts of Home Minister Anil Vij, while promoting security, a project to install CCTV cameras was prepared to strengthen the security here.

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