Assam is giving shelter to Bengal, people displaced by election-violence: Himanta

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that over 100 people from West Bengal have taken shelter in the state fearing for their lives due to the panchayat election violence. file | Photo Credit: ANI

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Tuesday said that the state has given shelter to 133 people who fled fearing for their lives due to the violence in West Bengal. panchayat elections,

Taking to Twitter, he said, “Yesterday, 133 people sought shelter in Assam’s Dhubri district fearing for their lives due to violence in panchayat elections in West Bengal. We have provided them shelter in the relief camp as well as food and medical aid.

West Bengal BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari thanked Mr. Sarma for providing relief to “afflicted opposition party workers” from West Bengal, especially BJP workers.

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Mr. Adhikari said that with the time and benefit of the BJP workers in West Bengal, the election related V.I. have facedviolence And they feel safe to move to Assam with their families for their safety.

“We consider the people of West Bengal as our valued and respected neighbours. We had given the same assistance during the last assembly elections in West Bengal. Please be assured that you can count on us for any humanitarian assistance you may need in times of crisis,” Mr. Sarma said while replying to Mr. Adhikari.

But West Bengal Social Welfare Minister and Trinamool Congress leader Shashi Panja was not happy.

“The Chief Minister of Assam should be deterred from dizzying heights of self-righteousness and false moral superiority,” he said.

Dr Panja said, “Before sounding false alarm and creating a sense of panic, they should consider the fate of 19 lakh residents of Assam who were rendered stateless due to the NRC (National Register of Citizens).”