Bhojpuri song was playing in front..Students were giving exam: Video of 11th biology exam in Nalanda; Cheating was going on from mobile

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A video of the 11th Biology exam has surfaced in Nalanda. In this, a Bhojpuri song is playing on an LED TV inside the exam hall and students are sitting in the class room and giving exams. In the video, students are also seen cheating on mobiles. The case pertains to the Higher Secondary School of Bowrisarai village. The exam was held here on Monday.

Smart class is being run by the Government of Bihar to improve the education system. Under this, TVs have been installed in the class rooms, but it is being misused in Nalanda.

First of all know what is in the video…

Two videos have surfaced from the examination hall. The first video is of 1 minute 4 seconds. At the beginning of the video an OMR sheet is shown in front..then the camera pans to the LED TV in front. After this, children are seen giving exams in the hall. Meanwhile, Bhojpuri song Rashi Mein Toda Badmashi Likhal Bach is playing. Three students are sitting on a bench in the class room and giving the exam. Everyone is cheating with each other’s copy. A mobile is also kept in front of the student.

Students were seen filling the answer sheet by looking at the mobile.

Students were seen filling the answer sheet by looking at the mobile.

The second video is of 44 seconds. Pawan Singh’s song Pier Farak Wali is playing in it. Some boys were seen dancing to the songs while sitting on the desk and some were seen filling the answer sheet with mobile. During this time both the doors of the class room are closed. No teacher is also visible in the class.

Students having fun in the exam hall on Bhojpuri songs.

Students having fun in the exam hall on Bhojpuri songs.

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This video was shot by a student present inside the class room. Which is now becoming increasingly viral. Dainik Bhaskar wanted to talk to the principal of the school regarding this matter, but the principal did not pick up the phone.

DEO said – video has been found, will be investigated

District Education Officer (DEO) Keshav Prasad said that the matter of viral video has come to his notice. The education officer of Islampur block has been given the responsibility of investigation. Action will be taken only after the investigation report comes.

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