Bigg Boss OTT 2: Babika Dhurve mocks Manisha Rani; the latter bursts into tears

Image source: Instagram Babika Dhurve and Manisha Rani come face to face in the new episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2

There have been many instances of friends turning rivals in the Bigg Boss house. Two new names Babika Dhurve and Manisha Rani have now joined the controversial show. Both the contestants started off as friends but have slowly turned into enemies. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, the two got into a heated argument which eventually left Manisha crying.

Babika was cooking parathas when Manisha asked her to lower the flame to avoid burning. Babika replied, “Okay, I will see.” Manisha replied, “I can see they are burning.” Babika did not like this and replied sarcastically. , “People are burning more.” and said,

“My Hindi is not that strong. I am not much educated like you, but I have got good manners.” Babika left no stone unturned to argue with Manisha and she kept saying that she got burnt during the fight. She angrily said, “Hath jala hai mera, I will burn his mouth now.” After hearing this, Manisha broke down and said, “See how she burns my face. You need a topic to fight, I don’t care if people don’t talk to me, but no one corrects my language. I am proud of my language. After studying in a government school, I have developed manners. I am not ashamed of my language. No one can make fun of my education or speech. I know how to respect people.

However, Babika accused Manisha of playing the victim card. Even Pooja and Falak teach him to take a dig at one’s language and education. But Babika replied, “He should have learned to speak properly before coming on the show.”

host bigg boss ott 2 Salman Khan And is currently streaming on JioCinema.

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