BLACKPINK fans BLINKS demands Latto to apologise Jennie for THIS reason

Image Source : INSTAGRAM BLACKPINK fans BLINKS demands Latto to apologise Jennie

Latto garnered attention from BLINKS for her Instagram story which was supposedly supporting the false allegations made against BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Recently, Jennie was criticised for listening to Frank Ocean’s Bad Religion, a song that’s disrespectful towards the Muslim community. As netizens viewed it, the keyword JENNIE APOLOGISE TO MUSLIMS started to trend on social media.

The problem is when Latto posted a screenshot on social media to showcase that her name was trending because of her upcoming song release, the other keywords were also spotted in the list. Though this was not the subject that the singer was addressing, BLINKS were enraged and upset about this could create negative attention for Jennie.

As a result, BLINKS is currently requesting her to take down her Instagram story while demanding an apology from Jennie.

While Jennie was trending for listening to Frank Ocean’s Bad Religion, netizens also brought up all the other times she and her fellow members have been disrespectful towards the Muslim and Hindu religions. Some of these include the members attending Frank Ocean’s concert, Lisa using Hindu God idols in her music video as props, etc.

However, Blinks have been defending the group by saying that BLACKPINK has been respectful of other cultures in multiple other instances. Given that this was already a sensitive topic for BLINKS, fans got even more frustrated and angered upon viewing Latto’s Instagram story since it brought a lot more attention to Jennie and the members’ controversy with the Muslim community.

BLACKPINK fans have been bombarding the singer’s Instagram and social media platforms with demands and requests for her to apologise to Jennie and take down her story. Given that there have been quite a handful of instances where the singer was disrespectful and racist towards the Asian community, more attention was also brought to the same.

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