Bluesky Gets Self-Labeling Feature For Posts, Media Tab

New Delhi: Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey-backed Bluesky has announced that it is rolling out new features, including a self-labeling feature for posts, a new dedicated media tab, and more. For the self-labeling feature, the company has started with NSFW categories, allowing users to tag their posts with content warning categories such as “Suggestive”, “Nudity” or “Porn”, reports TechCrunch.

To access this feature, users can go to the shield icon in the composer window. According to the company, self-tagging will expand categories of labels over time.

The platform is also adding a dedicated media tab to profiles, which allows visitors to look at images and videos posted by a user. Moreover, the company is rolling out a feature that provides more information about blocked quoted posts, the report said.

Last month, Bluesky replaced the ‘What’s Hot’ feed with a new ‘Discover’ feed.

The Discover feed is a more complex feed that will evolve over time, according to the company. However, if users don’t like the Discover feed, they can simply remove it and replace it with any other custom feed.

Also, the Dorsey-backed company had raised $8 million to support its mission and growth. In June, the platform introduced new moderation and safety tooling including user lists and reply controls.

Along with user lists and reply controls, Bluesky also introduced labeling, moderation controls, and hashtags.