Brahmastra team refused to share net bio collection? Debate sparked by film trade expert’s comment – News18

Brahmastra – Part One: Shiva released in September 2022.

Taran Adarsh’s viral video exposes the box office claims of the makers, who are trying to create a false narrative for a major film that released last year.

Brahmastra Part One: Shivaay starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt ends the drought in Bollywood and opens well at the box office in September 2022. The Ayan Mukerji-directed film made a whopping Rs 75 crore worldwide, as reported by the makers. At that time, Karan Johar took to Twitter to share the first day box office figures of the film.

Almost a year later, a video of film trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​is going viral on Reddit. Talking about a ‘big film’ that released last year, Taran Adarsh ​​says in the video, “They [producers] Try to make up a false story. Many actors have a lot going for them, but they have to prove that they are better than their contemporaries. It is a game of show off, which was not so prevalent earlier. In those days I have worked with big actors. Here I am referring to a big film released last year. They put up posters claiming – 75 crores on first day, 150 crores on second day, 22 crores on third day, 300 crores on fourth day… I found it very interesting. I called the distributor and asked for the net figure. They told me that the producer has requested not to disclose it, so this time they are not sharing it.”

On Reddit, a user speculating that it was about Brahmastra, commented, “They won’t make a sequel to Brahmastra anymore. Ranbir also said that he wants to take a break. Don’t think that RK is doing a film after Animal.” Another wrote, “This is so pathetic for Karan Johar. If a film has flopped then accept yourself! Oh God. Why this game of perception?? Not making part 2/3 and Ayan making something else now is the biggest proof of how disastrous this film was.

Brahmastra: Part One Shiva, which released on 9 September 2022, was the first in an ambitiously planned trilogy, marking the beginning of a new cinematic universe, The Astraverse.