BTS’ RM Flaunts His Toned Physique In Shirtless Workout Video; ARMY Can’t Keep Calm – News18

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: August 21, 2023, 10:48 IST

Fans think RM is preparing for his birthday on September 12. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

BTS’s leader and rapper Kim Namjoon took social media by storm as he posted a clip of himself working out.

BTS leader Kim Namjoon aka RM has left ARMY stunned, yet again. This time by sharing a video that puts his impressive physique on display during a workout session. Acknowledging the passionate tweets and fervent curiosity of their fans, BTS group members often provide glimpses of their workouts and daily whereabouts. In a gesture that took everyone by surprise, RM recently shared a shirtless workout video on the Weverse app.

RM actively engages with fans on both his Weverse and Instagram accounts, where he shares glimpses of his life, travels, and even song recommendations. One recurring theme in his posts is his fitness journey. If you follow RM closely, you must have seen his gym whiteboard photos, featuring workout goals like “Pull Ups – 20″ and “Bench Press – 20.”

In this video, RM faces away from the camera and shows his dedication to performing pull-ups with incredible intensity. His back muscles flex with each movement, revealing a side of him that fans rarely see. While RM comes across as gentle and shy, this video showcases his impressive physical strength. ARMY is also speculating that RM’s dedication to working out might have multiplied, hinting at his preparation for his birthday on September 12.

Check out the video here:

Although BTS’s youngest member, Jungkook, is known for his passion for fitness, Kim Namjoon embarked on his fitness journey only a few years ago.

After RM surprised fans with his latest post, the BTS ARMY quickly headed to Twitter to share their reactions. They even got ‘Weverse’ and ‘Kim Namjoon’ trending on Twitter. One user wrote “Dear diary, today Kim namjoon posted something for us, keeping the welfare and prosperity of the world in mind. I fainted three times, but okay..”

Another fan in awe of RM’s post playfully pointed out that it might be Namjoon’s way to support BTS fans at a time that is difficult for them. Check it out:

“This is absolutely outrageous. You can’t do this kim namjoon you’ll be hearing from my lawyer soon woof woof woof,” wrote another fan.

With recent surprises like Jungkook’s digital single SEVEN, the unexpected appearance of BTS members at Suga’s D-Day concert in Seoul, Taehyung’s sensual tracks, and now RM’s shirtless workout video, the BTS fever continues to rise, leaving fans eagerly anticipating for what’s coming next.