Canada warns against use of AI for hacking and misinformation – Times of India

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution has taken over the tech industry from 2022. This technology is not only being used by major companies to provide better experience, but is also being adopted by cyber criminals. According to a Reuters report, a Canadian Cyber ​​security The official has warned of how AI can be used by hackers and propagandists to their advantage. Canadian Center for Cyber ​​Security Head Sami Khoury has said that AI can be used to create malicious software, draft credible phishing emails and spread disinformation online.
How cyber criminals are misusing AI?
He said the agency has seen AI being used “in phishing emails, or in crafting emails in a more focused way, to deliver malicious code (and) misinformation and disinformation.” Khoury did not provide any details or evidence about how cyber criminals are misusing AI. However, the claim raises concerns that cybercriminals have already started using this emerging technology.
Khoury said the use of AI to draft malicious code is still in its early stages. “There’s still a way to go because it takes a lot to write a good exploit”. Khoury is concerned with the speed at which AI models are developing. He noted that at this pace, it will be difficult to track down the malicious potential of these models before they are released to general users.
Cyber ​​security monitors AI risks
Cyber ​​security watchdogs from several countries have already published reports warning about the dangers of AI. Cyber ​​authorities have specifically warned about the Large Language Model (LLM). These fast-moving language processing programs scrape vast amounts of text to generate human-like dialogue, documents, and more.
in March, europol A report was published about OpenAI’s ChatGPT being misused by cyber criminals. The European Police Organization stated that this generative AI model “made it possible to impersonate an organization or individual in a highly realistic way, even with only a basic understanding of the English language.”
Later, U.K. National Cyber ​​Security Center Updated a blog post to highlight that criminals “can use LLM to help with cyberattacks beyond their current capabilities.”

Cyber ​​security researchers have also demonstrated various potentially malicious use cases. Some researchers also mentioned seeing suspicious AI-generated content. Last week, a former hacker made a discovery LLM Trained on malicious content. He was also able to use this model to draft a mail to trick users into transferring cash.
The LLM came up with a three-paragraph email asking for help with an immediate invoice from its target.
“I understand this may be short notice, but this payment is incredibly important and must be made within the next 24 hours,” said the LL.M.