China arrests a man for spreading fake news using ChatGPT

In what appears to be the first arrest for the use of artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT, a man was arrested in China for allegedly writing fake news with the help of the AI ​​platform. The person had allegedly posted a fake news article related to a train accident in which 9 people had died. This article is owned by Baidu Inc. was published on multiple accounts on the blog-like platform Baijiahao and was viewed over 15,000 times. Police said the accused confessed that he posted fake articles to earn money from clickbait.

The public security bureau of northern Gansu province said in a press release posted on WeChat, “The man with the surname Hong used advanced technological methods to fabricate fake information and proceeded to spread it on social media.”

Additional questioning revealed that Hong was using chatbot technology, a technology that is not readily available China But viral news articles can be accessed through VPN networks for editing which he will later re-share. During the investigation, Hong said he learned how to make money through clickbait from his friends on WeChat.

Talking about the crimes for which Hong was arrested, the police said that since the article was viewed by a large number of people, the accused was liable for the “major crime” of “raising a quarrel and inciting trouble”. and the offenses may be at least five. Years in jail.

The incident demonstrated yet another misuse of the Generative Artificial Intelligence platform chatgpt, Many technology leaders have warned against the potential for misuse of the platform and issues like job substitution, plagiarism, fraud are already out in the open.

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