Chrome Will Soon Tell You When An Extension Is Removed From The Web Store – News18

Last Updated: August 17, 2023, 17:04 IST

Chrome extensions are useful but can be dangerous some times

Chrome extensions can be useful as they offer built-in features for different apps but they are easy targets for hackers.

Chrome users have the freedom to download extensions from the Chrome Web Store but now the browser is getting new security features which look to simplify the process of using the web apps on Chrome. There are instances where the extension you are using has been removed from the main Web Store by Chrome for umpteen reasons.

Now, Chrome will inform you when such actions are taken, so that you can avoid using any extension that can become an issue for the user.

So if any extension is taken down from the Web Store, you will get a pop-up alert from the Chrome’s team, giving you the chance to remove the same if you have installed it earlier. Google says the alert will reflect in the Safety Check section where you have the Privacy and Security Settings tab.

You will have the option to review the extensions that have been removed and see the details of the extension and take action if required. Extensions are generally scanned for any security issues but it might be hard to trace all the malicious actors, which can put the user and their device at risk. Having said that, while Chrome will inform users about the removal and its reason, you will have the choice to keep the extension for your system by ignoring the alert.

The new safety measures will definitely ensure better hygiene when it comes to extensions and also educate people about the best tools available for their browser usage through the official Chrome Web Store. Google continues to improve on the security aspects for its users across different products. Gmail and Android are regularly updated with new features that are meant to safeguard the devices and the accounts running on them.

Chrome browser is used by millions, and is the most popular web browser in the market, which makes it an easy target for hackers, giving them more reasons to infiltrate harmful extensions and other vulnerabilities.