Congress leader threatens to cut off the tongue of the judge who sentenced Rahul, Murmu became the second woman President to fly Sukhoi

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26 minutes agoAuthor: Shubhank Shukla, News Brief Editor

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In Tamil Nadu, Congress leader Manikandan has threatened the judge who decided against Rahul Gandhi. He said that when we come to power in Tamil Nadu, we will cut off the tongue of the judge who gave the verdict against Rahul Gandhi. Manikandan further said that against whom the judges are taking action?… Those who gave us freedom? After this statement of Manikandan went viral on social media, an FIR was registered against him.

Here, President Draupadi Murmu flew in Sukhoi fighter jet in Assam. She has become the second woman President of the country to fly in Sukhoi. Before him, former President Pratibha Singh Patil also flew in this fighter jet. At that time Patil had made two world records in his name. First- The first female President of any country to fly in Sukhoi. Second – the oldest woman of any country. Pratibha Patil was then 74 years old. Even before Pratibha Patil, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has flown in Sukhoi on June 8, 2006 while being the President. He was the first President of the country to do so.

Today’s major events to watch

  1. PM Modi will visit Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. They will discuss with frontline field staff.
  2. The BJP’s Central Election Committee will meet to decide the candidate for the Karnataka elections.
  3. Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde will go to Ayodhya. They will see Ramlala.
  4. Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Amin Zhaparova will be on a four-day visit to India.

Big news, which will keep you updated…

1. President Murmu’s 30-minute flight in Sukhoi jet, became co-pilot of fighter jet

President Draupadi Murmu piloted the Sukhoi 30 MKI fighter jet from Tezpur Airforce Station in Assam. The Sukhoi jet took off at 11.8 am and landed at 11.38 am. According to the Airforce, the President covered Brahmaputra and Tezpur Valley in the 30-minute flight. The aircraft flew at an altitude of about two kilometers above sea level and at a speed of about 800 kilometers per hour. The aircraft was flown by 106 Squadron Commanding Officer Group Captain Naveen Kumar.

Murmu said that it is a matter of pride for India that the country’s defense capabilities have increased. Now able to protect the country on land, sky and sea. Nirmala Sitharaman flew in Sukhoi 30MKI on 17 January 2018, when she was the Defense Minister.

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2. On removing the chapters of Mughals from books, Farooq Abdullah said – How will you hide the Red Fort?

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah said that history can never be erased. The chapters on Mughals may have been removed from NCERT books, but how can one forget Shahjahan, Aurangzeb, Akbar, Babur, Humayun and Jahangir. They have ruled us for 800 years. When people go to see the Taj Mahal, what will they be told who built it? What about Fatehpur Sikri? How will they hide Humayun’s Tomb and Red Fort?

Farooq Abdullah said that they are hitting their own feet. History will not change. We will be gone, but history will live on. In fact, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) had recently made some changes in the syllabus of History, Civics and Hindi for class 12th. The chapter related to the Mughal Empire was removed from the history book.

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3. Congress leader talked about cutting the tongue of Surat court judge, Law Minister said – he is disappointed

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi again raised questions on the issue of Adani. He said that whose benami money is Rs 20,000 crore in Adani’s companies? Rahul taunted 5 leaders including Ghulam Nabi Azad, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Himanta Biswa Sarma who left the Congress. He shared a graphic photo with the tweet. Adani (ADANI) is written in English and Ghulam, Scindia, Kiran, Himanta and Anil are written with each of its alphabets. If it is said in simple words, Rahul has associated the names of all these leaders with Adani.

Here, in Tamil Nadu, Congress leader Manikandan has threatened to cut off the tongue of the judge of Surat. On his statement, Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said that this is not happening for the first time, when Congress has threatened the judiciary. Even before the Emergency, the people of Congress had attacked the judiciary. They are still doing it because they are frustrated.

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4. PM Modi said- Some people went to Supreme Court to avoid action on corruption, had to return backwards

Prime Minister Narendra Modi again targeted the opposition over familyism in Telangana. PM Modi said that family members want control over everything, but Modi has attacked corruption. Due to this, the familyist forces are furious. The petition of 14 opposition parties regarding the arbitrary use of CBI and ED was dismissed by the Supreme Court on 5 April. The PM taunted on this and said that some people had reached the Supreme Court seeking protection from the legal action on corruption, but the court gave them a blow and they had to return from there.

PM Modi reached Telangana for the fifth time in the last 14 months. Here he flagged off the Vande Bharat Express train, which will run from Secunderabad to Tirupati. After this PM reached Tamil Nadu and flagged off the Chennai-Coimbatore Vande Bharat Express. Also inaugurated the new Integrated Terminal built at Chennai Airport.

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5. China’s military drill near Taiwan, 8 warships and more than 40 fighter jets included

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has started military exercises in the surrounding areas of Taiwan. This military drill will last for three days. China has taken this step immediately after Taiwan’s President Sai Ing Wen’s US visit. China has started military drill in 4 areas near Pingtan Island. This area is very close to Taiwan. Taiwan said that 8 warships and 42 fighter jets of China have appeared in the area of ​​Pingtan Island.

On April 7 itself, China had deployed its 2 fighter aircraft and 3 warships including Shandong near Taiwan. China has named this exercise as ‘United Sharp Sword’. Earlier this military drill used to be 100 km away from the Taiwanese coast, but this time it is being done only 50 km away. Real arms and ammunition are being used in this.

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Today’s cartoon BY Mansoor Naqvi…

Some important news in the headline…

  1. Truck hits Law Minister Rijiju’s car: Union minister narrowly escapes accident while going from Jammu to Srinagar (Read full news)
  2. CM of Maharashtra reached Lucknow with ministers: Will offer prayers at Ram temple in Ayodhya in the morning, 3000 Shiv Sainiks are also reaching (Read full news)
  3. Wife imprisoned for 9 years, court sentenced: Woman sold thrice in China, kept in chains like animals (Read full news)
  4. 100 crore house, 7 crore vanity van: Allu Arjun became the highest paid actor after Pushpa, fees increased by 4 times (Read full news)
  5. KYC verification of SIM card will be completely digital: 5 SIMs will be issued on one ID instead of 9, new rules may be implemented in 6 months (Read full news)

News but aside…

Video of woman walking on water went viral, people started touching feet as goddess; Woman said – no miracle, there was less water

A woman was walking in the Narmada river in MP’s Jabalpur. As soon as she came out, a crowd gathered around her. People accepted the woman as the form of Maa Narmada and went to seek her blessings. Everyone looked desperate to have a glimpse of the lady. People also played drums. The crowd became so much that a circle was formed around the woman. On getting the information, the police also reached. Many policemen also took blessings by touching the feet of the woman. When the police interrogated the woman, the woman refused to walk on water. Also said that I am not the incarnation of Goddess. The woman said that my name is Jyoti Raghuvanshi. I am a resident of Narmadapuram. I don’t have a miracle of walking on water. There was less water, that’s why I was walking in the river.

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