Conversation with UP-STF Chief on Shaista-Guddu and Dujana: Said- Police alert on Prayag border in search of Shaista; Praised the team that killed Dujana

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4 accused including Shaista involved in Umesh Pal’s murder have not yet been caught by the police. Guddu’s location was definitely found in 8 states, but STF could not reach him. How are these accused dodging the STF even after 72 days of the murder? What is the next plan of the police to nab Guddu and Shaista? Bhaskar team reached the headquarters of UP STF to know the answers to these questions.

We spoke to ADG/STF Amitabh Yash on the encounter of gangster Anil Dujana and 4 accused including absconding Shaista in Umesh murder case. Describing the question of Dujana’s elder brother Om Prakash on the encounter as absurd, the STF chief said that the gangster himself came out of jail on bail through a lawyer. We cannot bring someone out of jail by holding his ear.

  • Let us first tell you about the accused who are on the run in the Umesh murder case. After this, what did the STF chief say on the Dujana encounter? They will also know…

6 accused involved in shootout killed, 4 absconding
On the complaint of Umesh Pal’s wife Jaya Pal, a case was registered against Atiq, his brother Ashraf, wife Shaista, son Asad, shooter Armaan, Ghulam Mohammed, Guddu Muslim, shooter Sabir and Usman. 6 accused (Atiq, Ashraf, Arbaz, Asad, Ghulam Mohammad and Usman) involved in Umesh Pal murder case have been killed. While Atiq’s wife Shaista, Guddu Muslim, Sabir and Armaan are absconding.

Mafia Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen is also on the target of the police in connection with the murder of Umesh Pal. Police has also announced a reward of 50 thousand on Shaista. It is alleged on Shaista that she not only talked to each and every shooter before the murder of Umesh Pal, but also gave them money to carry out the incident. The police alleges that how did Shaista run away after committing the crime? Where to hide Told each and every thing to the gang members. In order to escape from the police, he had bought 16 mobile phones and 16 SIM cards for the shooters from his son Asad. Then they were taken to the shooters.

Latest Updates on Shaista:
How close is UP STF to Shaista after 72 days of the massacre? On this question, STF chief Amitabh Yash said, “Allahabad police is continuously raiding the Cachar area in search of Shaista. Even the force has been increased in areas around Prayag to find her. It is expected that Shaista will be found soon.” Will be caught.”

So far raids have been conducted in 4 states in search of Shaista. Police have raided Kaushambi, Greater Noida and Meerut in UP, Okhla in Delhi, Mumbai in Maharashtra and some locations in West Bengal in search of Shaista. Even the STF has identified more than 20 people across UP who are suspected to have helped Shaista hide.

In the CCTV footage of the Umesh massacre, Guddu was seen throwing a Muslim bomb. The specialty of Guddu, who had lived with mafia dons Dhananjay Singh, Abhay Singh to Mukhtar Ansari before Atiq, is that he executes incidents by hurling bombs on the go. Since 2011, he is involved in Atiq Ahmed’s gang. Guddu used to handle the work of railway scrap and property dealing for Atiq Ahmed in Prayagraj.

Last week it was reported that Guddu is changing the location again and again in disguise. He has grown a beard to change his appearance. So that he cannot be identified among the common people. After Jhansi, Meerut in UP, Guddu’s location was found in Nashik, Maharashtra, when the STF team reached there, Guddu had left. After this, after Karnataka and then Odisha, it was found that Guddu is in Chhattisgarh. According to police sources, now Guddu’s last location has been found in Goa. Guddu has been given shelter there by gangster Anwar Sheikh alias Tiger. Earlier, UP STF had reached Meerut in search of Guddu. Currently, a team of STF is looking for Guddu in Goa as well.

Latest Updates on Guddu Muslim:
On Guddu’s absconding, Amitabh Yash says, “It is an old way of Guddu Muslim to change place and appearance while on the run. Even if the police get information about his hiding, he disappears before the force reaches. STF is making continuous efforts to nab him. Hope he will be caught soon.”

Has any new location of Guddu been tracked these days? On this question of ours, Amitabh Yash said that he cannot answer this question right now.

The name of Atiq’s shooter Sabir is also included in the Umesh Pal murder case. A reward of 5 lakh has also been issued on Sabir, who is absconding. Apart from being involved in the murder, Sabir is also accused of hiding Atiq’s close friends from the eyes of the police. Sabir is the main shooter of Atiq gang. Sabir had fired the first shot in the Umesh Pal murder case.

Latest Updates on Sabir:
Police sources say that with the help of shooter Sabir, Ayesha Noori and Shaista Parveen are constantly changing locations and hiding in Cachar area of ​​Prayagraj-Kaushambi. On Sabir’s advice, 8 to 10 women from Cachar always wear burqas and live with Ayesha and Shaista, so that it becomes difficult for the police to catch them. At present, the STF chief says that with the help of the district police, raids have been intensified in the Cachar area to nab the three.

In the CCTV of Umesh Pal’s murder, a man wearing a helmet is seen firing continuously. This shooter is Armaan. On February 24, the bike on which Guddu Muslim had reached the crime scene. The shooter Armaan was driving that bike. When Asad and Ghulam went into the lane to kill Mohammad Umesh, it was Armaan who opened fire on the gunner sitting in a car parked outside. As of now, like Shaista, Guddu and Sabir, Armaan too has not been caught by the STF.

Latest Updates on Armaan:
On 28 April, a video of Shaista went viral on social media. In this, Shaista was seen meeting the people after being declared the candidate for the post of Mayor from BSP. Just behind him stood a boy wearing a white T-shirt. This shooter is Armaan. This is also the only clear picture of the shooter Armaan with the police. According to police sources, after killing Umesh, shooter Armaan is hiding in Bihar’s Sasaram area. The police are continuously raiding in search of him.

  • Till here you have come to know about the absconding accused in Umesh murder case and their latest updates. In the next part of the news, know what Amitabh Yash told Bhaskar about the dreaded criminal Anil Dujana of western UP…

Question 1: How was gangster Anil Dujana cornered? What do you have to say about the operation?

answer: Dujana used to run the business of hired murder, murder of Rival gang, illegal mining from jail itself. This gangster used to execute incidents with automatic weapons. He used to operate his gang from inside the jail as well. The team had received information that it was planning to execute some big incident, for which we were constantly keeping an eye on it. STF surrounded him on 4th May. He started firing at the team, but was killed in retaliatory firing. Our team did a good job in this entire operation. No one got hurt.

After the encounter, a large number of bullets and weapons were found from his car. His name was terror in most areas of western UP. He had more than 65 cases registered against him. Apart from this, his name also appeared in many murders and gang wars. That aunt was a special person of the Mukhim Kala gang.

Question 2: Dujana’s brother has said that STF has abducted him and conducted an encounter. What would you say on this?
answer: Dujana came out on bail. The bail was got done by his lawyer with his consent. He was traveling alone in his vehicle when the encounter took place. And you know very well that no one can be brought out of jail by holding his ear. In such a situation, the argument that he was abducted and had an encounter is absurd.

The forensic team found arms and bullets from Anil Dujana's car.

The forensic team found arms and bullets from Anil Dujana’s car.

Question 3: Recently the list of mafias of UP was released? Which are the people among them on whom STF is keeping an eye?
answer: Criminals keep on emerging from time to time. It is our endeavor to completely eliminate the tendency to commit crimes in the state. So that in future no one should think of becoming a criminal.

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Stayed in the executive room for 2200 rupees, ID was not given; Some fourth had booked the room

The SIT is interrogating the three shooters after the April 15 murder of mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf. What was the activity of the shooters before committing the murder? When did he come to Prayagraj, where did he stay? What were you doing on the day of the massacre? Answers to many such questions are being sought. On 20 April, the shooters were interrogated for 8 hours. During this, he told that he had stayed in a hotel near platform number 1 of Prayagraj Junction.

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All the sons of Mafia Atiq studied at St. Joseph’s School in Prayagraj. From the school canteen to the playground, many stories of his robe are spread. Atiq himself had reached here 20 years back without being invited as the chief guest. Prizes were given to the children and the college administration came to know about it the other day.

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