Coronavirus outbreak: China reports 366 new COVID cases

Shanghai: The National Health Commission said on Thursday that China reported 366 new COVID-19 infections on July 13, of which 121 were symptomatic and 245 were asymptomatic. 98 symptomatic and 240 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately, compared to 338 new cases a day earlier. There were no new deaths as of the day before, putting the country’s death toll at 5,226.

As of Wednesday, mainland China had 227,030 confirmed cases with symptoms. The local government said China’s capital Beijing reported no new local symptomatic cases compared with a day earlier, and zero local asymptomatic cases versus zero. ALSO READ: Monkeypox outbreak: Canada reports 477 cases amid global scare

Local government data showed Shanghai reported five new local symptomatic cases, compared with five the day before, and 42 local asymptomatic cases versus 50 the previous day. All Shanghai cases were recorded in the quarantine zones. Also read: What is I2U2 Summit? Know the key details about the Group of Four Countries