Dad blocks drive-thru after McDonald’s forgets to pack fries and drink

Last Update: April 08, 2023, 5:17 pm IST

The man refused to leave until he had received his order in full. (Representational image)

The man had placed his order at McDonald’s through Uber Eats.

One can be very disappointed to receive an incomplete or delayed food order. Now there are two ways to deal with such a situation. Either let it go and accept the food you get, or you complain. A British man walked out of a protest at a local drive-thru McDonald’s outlet for his children’s love of fries and drinks. The man, David Shepherd, resolved to sit in front of the fast-food store until he received the missing fries and drink along with the full order he had paid for.

He blocked the drive-thru at the outlet near Whitstable, Kent, reports The Metro. All because his order of £80 or Rs 8,123 through UberEats arrived incomplete.

Shepherd was told earlier by staff at the outlet that they could not provide her with the missing items, saying it was ‘against company policies’.

“I decided to go to McDonald’s to ask them to replace the missing items, but I was told that it was ‘against company policy’ to do so. At the time, the food was already cold, so we had 80 pounds ( 8125) that we are not getting,” he told the publication.

He further justified his anger by saying, “All this could have been avoided if they had given us the dinner for which we had paid.”

McDonald’s later apologized for the incomplete order and gave the man a full refund. The local police pacified the chaos after two hours of effort.

This isn’t an example that McDonald’s has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. The company is going through a restructuring phase with the announcement of major layoffs across the globe. The company has cut the salary package of some employees. Hundreds of employees working in McD Corp had to lose their jobs. McDonald’s chief Chris Kempczynski said in a recent media interaction that the current landscape for the brand is “outdated and self-limiting.” As the BBC reports, new memos sent to the corporate offices also hinted at plans for a new restaurant. The company employs over 2 million people, more than 3/4 of whom are based outside the US.

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