Dell’s ‘Concept Luna’ PC design gets a high-tech upgrade

Dell’s Concept Luna, the company’s sustainable PC design project that was introduced last year, will be further upgraded. The concept involves a new way of designing laptops where fewer cables, screws and adhesives are required during assembly, making it easier to take apart and repair. Dell demonstrated an improved version of its prototype laptop where everything from the motherboard to the display can be taken apart in minutes, without removing a single screw.

The company has also added robotic automation that should be able to isolate and swap out faulty components in the laptop. Telemetry data helps the robot identify the health of individual components in the laptop and replace defective parts so that it can be reused and extend the product’s lifespan.

Dell is one of the many tech companies working towards reducing their carbon footprint and e-waste. The firm says it has launched a micro-factory as a proof of concept where robots are able to disassemble a laptop and also scan for faulty components using telemetry data.

The company gives the example of a scenario where users working from home can connect their laptop to an external monitor and keyboard, leaving the laptop’s keyboard and screen unused. In such a case, it would be pointless to recycle the entire laptop after a few years, when only the motherboard may need to be replaced or upgraded.

Dell says it expects all future technology products to be engineered with some sort of modular design that will prolong the lifetime of the device so it can be used for longer periods of time.

While the Concept Luna is exactly what its name suggests, a concept, Dell and many other tech companies have been using sustainable materials in their products and packaging for a few years now. Acer, for example, started a separate line of laptops called aspiration true Which uses mostly PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic for the chassis and keyboard.

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