Don’t Sleep Next To Your iPhone While It Is Charging: Apple Warns Users – News18

Last Updated: August 17, 2023, 16:20 IST

iPhone users have got a series of tips from Apple

Apple is advising iPhone users to be careful of how they charge the device and where they do it while sleeping.

iPhone users have been warned about using the device while charging, and also it is important that you should never keep the iPhones close to yours while it is charging, which usually happens when you are sleeping. These warnings come amidst several cases of fire incidents reported because of where and how the device was used.

Many people like to charge their phones while sleeping but Apple says that doing so could be hazardous, causing major incidents that can be easily avoided. The company mentions that keeping the phone on charge next to you while sleeping could lead to electric shock, injuries or even property damage.

The risk of charging while sleeping is clear to everyone, but most people like to keep the device next to their heads or under the pillow, rather than place it on a night stand. Apple also has a word of advice on the basics of charging a device, notably the iPhones.

The company is clear about using its standard chargers and asks people to avoid using third-party chargers that may not provide the right amount of voltage safely to charge the iPhones. People are also told to avoid using impaired cables or any cable that is in damaged condition, which could also be dangerous to use for charging.

Apple continues to stress on the need to buy its original charger and cable, which generally ensures the iPhone is charged in the right way, which also ensures the device doesn’t face any unwanted issue. Apple says using the ‘Made for iPhone’ cables are designed to safeguard such issues and also meet the international safety norms, which goes a long way in assuring the users about its quality.

While there are plenty of third-party chargers and cables in the market that deliver better performance than Apple’s own charger but the safety quotient of the original units is always going to work for people, especially when they spend big on owing an iPhone.