Elon Musk is doing this by replacing Twitter email auto replies with poop emoji

In March this year, Elon Musk announced that journalists who send questions to Twitter’s press department will be greeted with a poop emoji over email. However, it seems the billionaire has now changed his mind and is distancing himself from the poop emoji.

This happened after a Twitter user pointed out that several media outlets have reported receiving the poop emoji as a reply when they contacted Twitter’s communications team. “I’m happy every time I see an article that mentions it… why are they so afraid to even try?” The user wrote on the microblogging platform. Responding to the same, the Twitter boss said, “We’re changing the auto-reply from (poop emoji) to a “we’ll get back to you soon” infinite loop.” In another tweet, he added, “or maybe a “check back with us tomorrow” loop.”

Since being shared, his post has been garnering a lot of reactions from internet users. The tweet has garnered over 4,000 likes and has been viewed over three lakh times.

Twitter CEO Linda Yacarcino reacted to this with two clapping emojis.

What’s your best idea for Twitter’s auto responder to media requests for comment? I think they should use something like “Please visit Twitter to find out what’s really happening in the world.” trolling even more.This article may contain propaganda and may be misleading,” said another person.

One user said, “But…why? It seems like a surprisingly inefficient use of resources. Poop is more honest.”

A third user commented, “Or crazy idea. Hire someone to respond?”

Another person said, “You should alternate between the two to give them hope.”

One user commented, “I read it as….”…infinite feces”.

One user also said, “Can confirm it works.”