Europe is battling the Loo, the fire; Record temperature scorches China – Times of India

Italy has put 23 cities on red alert as temperatures could reach 46 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, in one of the global hotspots wreaked havoc by extreme heat, wildfires and floods from the US to China.
Scorching heat has wreaked havoc in southern Europe during peak summer tourist season, breaking records across Europe including Rome. Wildfires west of the Greek capital Athens continued to burn for a third day, with aerial water bombers resuming operations at first light and firefighters working through the night to keep the flames away from coastal refineries. Forecasters said the temperature could reach 44 degrees Celsius on Thursday. Residents had to survey the wreckage of their homes after the wildfires. “Everything burned, everything,” said Abram Paroutsidis65.
in China, which this week hosted a US climate envoy john kerry For interaction, tourists regardless of the heat visited a giant thermometer showing a surface temperature of 80 °C. Beijing set a new record for the 28th consecutive day with a temperature above 35 degrees Celsius.
Phoenix in the US broke a similar record of 49 years for the 19th consecutive day with a temperature of 43.3 degrees Celsius or more, weather officials said. More than 86 million people in the US live in areas that were expected to see dangerous heat levels on Wednesday.
The alpine ski resort Alpe d’Huez in southern France recorded a record high of 29.5°C, up from 40.6°C recorded the first time. vardan In the foothills of the Pyrenees.
Temperatures remained high across much of Italy on Wednesday, with the Mediterranean island of Sardinia expected to see temperatures in the mid-40s at 45°-46°C and some inland areas of Sicily. The health ministry said it would activate a hotline and teams of mobile health workers visited the elderly in Rome.
In Spain, El Corte Ingles, one of the country’s biggest department store chains, said sales of air-conditioning units have boomed, as has interest in cooling pads for pets and horses. Spain has warned of wildfire danger for much of the country, although residents were allowed to return to their homes in La Palma island, where a five-day-long fire was stabilized in one area, although it remained active elsewhere. In Germany, the heatwave has sparked an unexpected discussion about whether workplaces should introduce rest breaks for workers.