‘Every Desi Dad Ever’: Father’s reaction to daughter’s tattoo seen in photo

Last Update: May 13, 2023, 2:39 PM IST

The woman shared a picture of her new tattoo. (Credits: Twitter)

Clearly not happy with the idea of ​​a permanent tattoo, the woman’s father quickly replied: “I’ll kill you.”

Getting a tattoo is often seen in many Indian households as a form of rebellion or deviation from cultural norms. Homegrown parents, in particular, are known for their strict rules and expectations regarding their children’s behavior and appearance. While the reasons for his disapproval of the tattoo are unclear, it is a sentiment that is widely shared among many homegrown families. So, what happens when someone decides to get a tattoo despite their family’s disapproval? Looks like this lady has the answer. The woman shared a picture of her new tattoo with her father, only to receive a reaction that is familiar to everyone who has grown up in any desi household. The incident quickly went viral on social media, with many sharing their experiences of revealing their tattoos to their parents.

The woman posted a screenshot of her conversation with her father on Twitter. In return, she sent a photo of her tattoo along with her date of birth to her father as proof of its permanence. “I’ll kill you,” Dad quickly replied. “My dad clearly approves of tattoos,” she wrote in the tweet.

Social media users expressed sympathy and understanding for the woman’s experience. One user wrote, “Me when my family finds out about my tattoo.”

Another user said, “I think he loved it!”

A user also said, “As a man, never tell anyone about your plans.”

Earlier also the story of another similar tattoo went viral on social media. Ann Venezia, 18, of Phoenix, Arizona, got a knife tattoo without telling her father because she was afraid of his reaction. However, her father Rick eventually found out about the tattoo and found the situation amusing. In a photo shared on social media, Rick poses for the camera while holding a steak knife to his forearm. In another photo, he was holding a steak knife and tucked the other into his shirt. “My dad finally found out about my tattoo and he won’t stop giving me s*** for it,” Ann posted the photo on Twitter.

Isn’t it hilarious?