EXCLUSIVE: Gadar 2 Star Gaurav Chopra Calls Sunny Deol ‘Grounded’, Regrets Doing Bigg Boss – News18

Gaurav Chopra is currently basking in the success of Sunny Deol starrer Gadar 2.

Gaurav Chopra’s admiration for the legendary Sunny Deol shines through as he described him as ‘a grounded and serene’ individual.

Renowned actor Gaurav Chopra shared remarkable insights into his life, career, and some of the most intriguing moments he’s encountered along the way. From his admiration for Bollywood icon Sunny Deol to his experiences in the controversial reality show “Bigg Boss,” and even lending his voice to the mighty Thor in the Avengers franchise, Gaurav Chopra’s journey is nothing short of captivating.

The actor’s admiration for the legendary Sunny Deol shines through as he described him as “a grounded and serene” individual. Drawing parallels between Sunny Deol and the iconic character, Tara Singh, Gaurav emphasised his respect for the actor as both a professional and a person.

The conversation took a turn to Chopra’s stint on “Bigg Boss,” where he reflected on an episode that left an indelible mark on him. He recounted his unsettling experiences with Swami Om, describing the fear instilled by threats and the eerie presence of black magic. “I should never have gone to Bigg Boss. Swami Om was scary, he did blackmagic, threatened us, it looked funny to the audience but was very bad for the contestant,” he said.

One of the highlights of the interview was Gaurav Chopra’s revelation about becoming the voice behind Thor in the Avengers series. Initially drawn to the role due to his long-haired look, Chopra humorously explained that destiny had other plans. “I was told that I can be a real good Thor because of my long hair look, but eventually I got an opportunity to be the voice for Chris Hemsworth’s character. I am not going to buy my son a Spider-Man costume, but a THOR one.”

The actor also clarified his previous statements about shielding his son from the glitzy world of showbiz. He explained that his intention was never to deter his son from the industry but to shed light on the inherent challenges. “I said it’s a difficult life, my son lives in Bangalore. There are struggles like you won’t get credits, you won’t appear on posters, but that’s a part and parcel of our job. My son will grow up and I want him to be proud of me because my name is GAURAV too.”

In addition to these revelations, Gaurav Chopra discussed his initial skepticism about taking on the character of Prince Reddy in Rana Naidu, which eventually turned into a successful endeavour. He also hinted at his future projects, sharing that he is currently reviewing four scripts. Notably, he excitedly announced that he would soon be seen portraying the role of Haji Mastan, sparking anticipation among his fans for the forthcoming cinematic treat.