Facebook’s $725 million settlement: Users in this country can apply for their share of the money – Times of India

news for Facebook user used in america Facebook Between May 2007 and December 2022. The social-media giant may owe you some money. A California judge preliminary approves a $725 million settlement between the Facebook parents meta Platform and User. The judge’s approval was a precursor to a final approval hearing, which will take place in September, however, where users can begin submitting their claims that may receive cash payments.
For those unaware, Meta is paying to settle a lawsuit accusing the world’s largest social media platform of sharing the personal information of millions of its users Cambridge Analyticaa firm that supported Donald Trump2016 presidential campaign.
It is not yet clear how much money individual users will get. By simple math – the more users who submit valid claims, the less each payment is because the money has to be split between them. The settlement form says payments will vary depending on how many people submit claims. In addition, administrative costs and attorneys’ fees will be deducted from the Settlement Fund prior to its release.
How to submit a claim
To apply for settlement, users can fill a form and submit it online. There is also an option to download, print out and mail the form. The class-action form only states that those who were Facebook users between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022, are eligible. It does not mention any required level of activity on the account. The claim submission deadline is August 25, 2023.