‘Gadar 2’ mania: The single screen craze has rubbed on to celebs as well – here’s what Gaiety Galaxy owner Manoj Desai has to say – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

With ‘Gadar 2‘ setting the box office on fire, there’s a different level of euphoria seen in cinema halls. The craze and charm of single screens is back and one only has to see it to believe it. ‘Gadar 2’ crossed the 200-crore mark in four days and is rock steady at the box office. Not just the audiences, but several celebs have also visited the single screen theatre to soak in the vibe and frenzy which the film has created.

Manoj Desai, executive director, Maratha Mandir cinemas and Gaiety Galaxy, tells ETimes, “My managing director Mr Arun Nahar, decided that we have to keep the ticket rate very low.

Because of that, there are so many people in the theatres. At one point, there were 2500 inside and 2500 outside at my G7 theatres. Almost all the stars of the industry have visited Gaiety Galaxy. As we speak, Shatrughan Sinha, Pahlaj Nihalini among others have come to watch ‘Gadar 2’ here.”
The exhibitor further heaves a sigh of relief. He says, “After the pandemic, this film has come to the fore and made us happy. Now if ‘Jawan’ also does equally well, it will be a comeback for Bollywood. Earlier when just South dubbed movies like Pushpa, and KGF, RRR, did well, we used to feel really sad. It was a pity that Bollywood wasn’t able to make a single good film. Nobody made good films after the era of Manmohan Desai and Yash Chopra was gone. I’m so glad with the way ‘Gadar 2’ is doing. To be very precise, Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel did a very good job and so did Anil Sharma and his son.”
Meanwhile, Kartik Aaryan had also visited Gaiety Galaxy on Independence day to witness ‘Gadar 2’. He had a fanboy moment as he shared the iconic handpump scene on social media.
Manoj Desai also pointed out that even ‘OMG 2’ is doing really well as all the shows are going packed.