Google brings Matter support to Nest devices, Android: Here’s what it means – Times of India

CaseThe latest smart home standard, which aims to allow customers to choose their favorite Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled product from any company and allow different devices to work together, is now live GoogleProducts of. The company announced that it is rolling out the new standard today (December 15).
Which Google devices are getting Matter support?
“Setting up and customizing your smart home devices just got easier with Google Home, thanks to Matter, a new standard for smart home platforms, apps and devices. Starting today, Google nest devices and Android The devices are Matter-enabled, so you can quickly and consistently set up Matter-enabled devices and customize your smart home according to your needs,” the company said in a blogpost.

This means that if you own all or some Nest products, including the original Google Home speaker, google home mini And google nest miniThe nest audioWith all three Nest Hub devices (1st Gen, 2nd Gen, and Max) and the Nest Wifi Pro, you can now connect them to work together.
What does this mean for your smart devices?
With the update, Matter-enabled Google devices can now be connected to Matter-enabled devices from other brands. Since these Google Nest and Android devices are automatically updated, “you don’t have to do anything.”
To control these smart devices, users will need a hub and can use a Google Home or any Nest device that can double as Mater’s hub. “These devices include the original Google Home speaker, the Google Home Mini, nest miniNest Audio, Nest Hub (1st and 2nd generation), Nest Hub Max and the new Nest WiFi Pro,” the company said.
In addition, Google has also added Matter support for Fast Pair on Android that will quickly connect Matter-enabled devices to a home network.
Better experience coming in 2023
Google says it’s partnered with Samsung Will provide better experience. “When you open the Google Home app, you’ll see the mater devices that have been set up samsung smartthings And there’s the option to easily pair those devices with Google Home and vice versa,” the company announced.
Google also says it will enable more Google devices with Matter and bring iOS support to the Google Home app over the next year.