Google Chrome is getting Microsoft Edge like sidebar search feature – Times of India

Microsoft introduced a side-panel in Edge with a handful of options like ability to run apps, Apple Music, share files, etc. But, the most important addition was the Bing integration in the form of Discover. Google is introducing something similar to its Chrome web browser.

Google has been testing the side panel since 2022
It’s not that Google has just got the idea to introduce something like this. The feature has been in test for almost over an year and now, the company is rolling it out to Chrome with the latest update.

Now, Chrome already has a side panel that has options like Reading List, Bookmarks and Journeys and Customise. With the Chrome 116 update, Google has introduced Search in the side panel as well.
The side panel now shows a search field along with a Lens shortcut. The search bar lets users run a search without actually leaving the webpage. And, the Lens lets users drag and upload an image or select a particular area of a web page to run a search.
The user interface is more or less similar to what we see on mobile phones. Expect there’s a dedicated button that lets users move the search result in a new tab.
The side panel search result remains active as clicking on links opens in the current tab. This will allow users to quickly open a new page and look for information or broaden your search for a particular topic.
Google Chrome side panel with search integration is available in Chrome 116 update. Users will need to install the latest version available to get this feature. To do this, open Google Chrome on your PC, click on the three dots at the top right corner and head to About Chrome option.
Here Chrome will automatically check for updates and promote users to restart it to install the update.