Google Genesis: Google is testing an AI tool “Genesis” that can write news articles – Times of India

Google Another AI tool is in the works, and it can write news articles just like the ones you’re reading. A tool called “Genesis” that can generate news articles is being offered to news organizations.
Sources told The New York Times Produce It has the ability to create written content using the data provided, whatever the subject may be, current events or other forms of information.
The New York Times is one of the news organizations that have been shown a demonstration of the tool, in addition to executives from News Corp, the organization that owns The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, according to sources.
Google believes it could act as a personal assistant for journalists, according to a source familiar with the tool. By automating certain tasks, it can give them more time to focus on other responsibilities.
A Google spokesperson on Genesis said, “It is not intended to and cannot be used to replace journalists with essential roles.”
Google sees it as a responsible tool that can prevent the publishing industry from facing the challenges of Generative AI, however, those who saw the tool think otherwise.
google spokesperson jane crieder A statement to the Times said the company is looking to offer AI-powered tools to aid journalists in their work, especially for smaller publishers. However, he stressed that these tools are not meant to replace the important role journalists play in reporting, producing and fact-checking their articles. Instead, tools can provide alternative options for headings and writing styles.
Several executives who saw Google’s presentation found the tool “shaky”. Two sources revealed that the presentation ignored the hard work and dedication that goes into producing accurate and well-crafted news articles.
This is not the first time that news organizations have tried to adopt AI. In recent months, some organizations have come under criticism for AI-written articles that they say were riddled with errors and inaccuracies, and those publications have had to issue public apologies.
The Associated Press has used AI to write articles about corporate earnings reports but still relies on human reporters. They have partnered with OpenAI for access to generative AI technology But has not yet shared its plans for its use.
Right now, Google Origin remains in testing, so it remains to be seen whether it has the potential to become the aid to journalists Google intends it to be, or whether it will be a minefield.