Google joins Wendy’s to train AI chatbot for drive-thru orders – Times of India

Wendy’s, a fast-food chain based in Dublin, Ohio, will launch its chatbot in June at a company-owned restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. According to The Wall Street Journal, Wendy getting along Google to develop a AI chatbot who can efficiently pick up orders at their drive-thru locations.
Wendy’s CEO said the chatbot aims to ease the ordering process and avoid long lines at the drive-thru Todd Penegor,
Wendy’s software engineers have worked closely with Google to develop and refine the Generative AI application. This application is built on Google’s Comprehensive Language Model, which includes many words, phrases and expressions in different dialects and accents. The goal of the model is to recognize and simulate human speech syntax and semantics.
The fast-food chain has personalized language models that include specific words, phrases and abbreviations that customers commonly use when ordering their menu items. For example, “JBC” refers to the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, and “Biggie Bag” is various combos of burgers, chicken nuggets, and soft drinks. Wendy’s milkshakes are also branded frostBut clients can’t always use that name.
CEO of google cloud, Thomas Kurian, point out that drive-thru interactions are a significant challenge for AI. The presence of background noise, such as music or children in a car, makes it difficult for the AI ​​software to focus on the person placing the order and the language they are using. This requires extensive fine-tuning to filter out extraneous sounds. Furthermore, customers change their orders frequently, and AI applications must capture and adapt to these changes. Kurian calls it a very complex technical issue.
The AI ​​application is programmed to suggest additional items to customers, such as larger sizes, Frosties, or daily specials, to upsell.
Once a customer places an order through the chatbot, it is displayed on a screen for the line cooks to prepare. The prepared meal is then handed over to drivers at the pickup window by a staff member.
recently, Kevin VasconiWendy’s Chief Information Officer expressed her pleasure at the test run conducted at the Columbus restaurant. “The AI ​​system is at least as good as our top-performing customer service rep, and on average, it provides a better experience,” Vasconi said.
Wendy’s hasn’t disclosed the exact cost of its initiative.
Penegor has said that the drive-through chatbot is not related to the company’s restructuring plans and is not intended to replace employees. It aims to help employees by automating the manual tasks involved in taking drive-thru orders.