Google Messages Is Getting Animated Emoji: Here’s How It Works

curated by, Shaurya Sharma

Last Update: July 11, 2023, 11:21 AM IST

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Google Messages is getting animated emoji. (Image: Google)

Google is introducing animated emoji to Google Messages, adding a touch of entertainment to conversations, and aligning it with other popular messaging apps like Telegram.

Google is reportedly testing the ability to send animated emoji using Google Messages, the standard messaging app on Android, in a bid to make texting live and fun, but with a few limitations.

According to Android Police, animated emoji only work when an emoji is sent by users. However, if users send multiple emoji at once or combine emoji with text – the animated functionality does not work.

credit: Boothabridge, Reddit

Google Messages already allows users to send emoji while texting, but the addition of animated emoji will make the app more engaging for users, and bring the experience more in line with others like Apple’s iMessage and Telegram.

For example, iMessage offers a variety of text bubble effects, such as Celebration, Slam, Gentle, Invisible Ink, and screen effects, including Echo, Spotlight, Balloons, and Confetti, when sending a text message or emoji. Additionally, users can send custom ‘Animoji’ emoji by choosing an emoji, character or their own avatar and using their own facial expressions.

Presumably this is Google’s way of offering a similar experience to Android. The new animated emoji experience, first spotted by Reddit user BruthaBeuge, is based on the Emoji Kitchen experience, which allows users to combine two emoji to create a hybrid of the two, resulting in weird but entertaining emoji that can be shared and shared. Users can send to each other. ,

Google’s current implementation is reportedly region-specific, with a wider rollout expected in the future. It works with most of the accessible emoji on Android.

In other news, Google has also added a new badge/indicator for RCS chats in the Google Messages app, which allows users to differentiate between RCS and standard SMS conversations.