Google Red Team: Google’s Red Team: A group of hackers who keep AI safe – Times of India

As artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining ground and making its presence felt more than ever, there has been growing concern about the security risks associated with it. Google, which is a major player in the development of next-generation AI tools, has emphasized on taking a cautious approach towards AI. In a blog post, Google Now – for the first time – it has been revealed that he has a team of ethical hackers working on making AI safer. called red TeamGoogle said it was first formed about a decade ago.
Who is part of Google’s Red Team?
In a blog post, Daniel Fabian, head of Google Red Teams, said that it consists of a team of hackers that range from nation states and well-known Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups to hacktivists, individual criminals or even Simulates a variety of adversaries, up to malicious insiders. “The term comes from the military, and describes activities where a designated team will play an adversarial role (the “Red Team”) against the “home” team,” Fabian said.
He also said that AI raid teams are closely aligned to traditional raid teams, but also have the AI ​​subject matter expertise required to execute complex technical attacks. AI system, Google has these so-called Red Teams for its other products and services.
What does the Red Team do?
The primary job of Google’s AI Red Team is to conduct relevant research and adapt it to work against real products and features that use AI to learn about their impact. “Based on where and how the technology is deployed, practices can draw conclusions across security, privacy and abuse topics,” Fabian explained.
How effective has Google’s Red Team been?
Quite successful, according to Fabian, who added, “For example, the Red Team’s activities exposed potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities, helping to predict some of the attacks we see now on AI systems.” Attacks on AI systems quickly become complex and will benefit from AI subject matter expertise, he added.