Google Search Engine Will Get AI Support, Says CEO Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that the company is planning to add conversational artificial intelligence (AI) features to its search engine. Rejecting the notion that chatbots are a threat to Google’s search business, Pichai said the opportunity space is ‘bigger than ever’.

GoogleIts search business accounts for more than half of the company’s revenue. Search ads brought Alphabet $162 billion in revenue last year.

He said that Google has so far achieved the goal of becoming 20% ​​more productive, which he set in September. “We’re definitely focused on creating sustainable savings. We’re pleased with the progress, but there’s more work to do,” Pichai said.

He said Google is testing several new search products, including AI search engine versions that allow users to ask follow-up questions. Last month Google said it would begin “thoughtfully integrating LLM into deep search”.

In March this year, Google announced that it was enabling access to its Large Language Model (LLM) through an application programming interface (API) for select developers, as well as generative artificial intelligence (AI) features. Integrating. Gmail and Google Docs as part of its Workspace suite for select users.

The new test adds a number of experiments to several Google tools that are used by businesses and consumers alike, which Google Cloud chief executive Thomas Kurian said will be expanded through the year.

During the interview, Pichai said that the company’s two main AI units – Google Brain and DeepMind – will work closely together on efforts to build larger algorithms.

“I expect much, much stronger collaboration,” Pichai said, “because some of these efforts will be more compute-intensive, so it makes sense to do it together at a certain scale.”

Smaller AI models will become more useful over time, he said, enabling companies to run algorithms on their own or for users on their own personal devices.

“You’ll have a whole different range of options,” Pichai said. “The technology will be more accessible than people expect.”

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