Heart patients at risk due to lack of heparin injection in Pakistan

Poor patients are facing a lot of trouble due to non-availability of blood thinner injections. (Representative)


Pakistan’s local media Daily Duniya reported that heart patients in Pakistan are facing difficulties in their treatment as heparin injection which is vital for the treatment of heart diseases has gone extinct.

The injection is used to thin the blood in heart patients. But there is a huge shortage of this injection in government and private hospitals.

According to sources, the cost of this injection is Rs 600 but it is being sold in the black market for Rs 3000. Poor patients are facing a lot of trouble due to this. According to the Daily World, hospitals believe this is a false shortfall.

The media recently reported that the ongoing economic crisis in Pakistan has severely affected the healthcare system where patients are struggling for essential medicines. The country’s lack of foreign exchange reserves has affected Pakistan’s ability to import essential drugs or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in domestic production.

As a result, local drug manufacturers were forced to reduce their production as patients in hospitals suffered. Doctors are forced not to perform surgeries due to lack of medicines and medical equipment.

According to Pakistan media reports, operation theaters are left with less than a two-week stock of anesthetics needed for sensitive surgeries including heart, cancer and kidney. This situation may also result in loss of jobs in the hospitals of Pakistan, adding to the misery of the people.

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